10 tips for Buying CBD & CBD Oils

10 Tips for Buying CBD and CBD Oils

With so many touting the benefits of CBD and CBD oils, you are wondering if CBD could help you. CBD is a cannabidiol derived from the hemp plant that has been shown to have a wide variety of health benefits, from reducing seizures to relieving pain, anxiety, and stress. The reason that CBD is so effective in so many different areas of the human body has to do with the fact that CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which influences the balance of the body in many different areas. The ECS helps to regulate physiological and cognitive processes, which include appetite, pain, mood, memory, inflammation, insomnia, and symptoms of neurological diseases such as epilepsy.

As an online retailer of CBD oils and CBD products, Herbal Pharm Rx understands how complicated it can be to buy CBD products. The one thing to keep in mind when purchasing CBD products is the source. It’s best to seek out products made from the unfertilized female flower tops of high-resin hemp plants, which is much better suited for CBD oil extraction than low-resin fiber hemp or industrial hemp grown for other uses, such as seed oil and protein. Below is our list of tips to look for when considering buying CBD products.


  1. Source of CBD. The 2014 Farm Bill defines hemp as cannabis with .3 percent THC levels or below. THC is the cannabidiol that is responsible for psychoactivity. Anything over .3 percent is considered marijuana according to federal law. Hence, make sure your CBD is under that .3 percent threshold of THC levels. Luckily, the Farm Bill’s criteria is driving CBD sourcing in order for companies to be compliant. Hemp plant breeders are focusing on developing the high-resin varieties. Organic is better than other types of hemp.
  2. Stick with known sources of hemp. The best sources of hemp are grown in America  from the states of Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, Vermont, and Tennessee. If you stick to hemp plants grown in states where marijuana is legalized, the standards are stricter, so the hemp source is most likely top quality.
  3. Choose CBD products labeled “full spectrum” CBD-rich hemp extracts, not isolate, distillate or products labeled “pure CBD” or “no THC.” Full spectrum CBD means it includes cannabis compounds as well as a small amount of THC (0.3% or less) in keeping with the legal definition of hemp. If THC is completely illegal in your state, opt for so-called “broad spectrum” CBD oil products that include other cannabis components but not THC.
  4. When ordering CBD or reading labels, Look for the product labels to indicate the amount of CBD and THC per serving – not just the total cannabinoid content for the entire bottle. Otherwise, how would you know how much to take.
  5. If CBD companies are making definitive health benefit claims about CBD, don’t buy from them. The FDA does not allow any verbiage around CBD and curing any ailment.
  6. CBD hemp oil vape cartridge products with toxic thinning agents (such as propylene glycol and ethylene glycol), flavor additives, and other harmful ingredients should be avoided. Odds are, if you can’t pronounce it, it ends in “-ol”, or you don’t recognize it, it’s probably not natural and not good for your body.
  7. CBD is an all natural product and preferably grown organically. If products have too many additives, odds are the manufacturers is trying to hide poor quality CBD. Products such as CBD gummies made with corn syrup and artificial colors fall into this category.
  8. If some CBD products or companies say their CBD is derived from the seed and stalk of the hemp plant, it’s low quality CBD at best. CBD is not present in hemp seed and barely any CBD is present on the stalk of the hemp plant. CBD is derived from the flowers.
  9. If the CBD products you are buying is from a multilevel marketing (MLM) schemes where companies try to sell you any and all CBD products at recurring prices with no regards to your needs, then you need to find someone else. Most of these people are in the CBD product business for money only.
  10. All legitimate CBD companies selling CBD products you are interested in will answer any and all questions you have without trying to circumvent anything. They will openly tell you the source of their hemp, how their products are made, what’s in their CBD products, and any other questions you may have. If you get no response by phone or email within a reasonable amount of time, find another company.

Buying any product online can be a challenge. You get an idea of the retailer through visiting the store. You get an idea of the product through physically handling it or trying it on. That being said, ordering online has many advantages from saving time to obtaining products you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Herbal Pharm Rx cares about your health and wellness. We only use the highest quality CBD in all of our products. We welcome your questions (in fact, we love them because we love talking about what we do!). We price our products reasonably as our main priority is bringing CBD and CBD oils to those who need them. Herbal Pharm Rx offers CBD tinctures, gummies, balms, and capsules in various sizes for your convenience. We stand by all of our products. Visit our online store to order your CBD products today!

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