While we can assure the quality of the products we manufacture, we cannot guarantee the work of other manufacturers whose products are on our website- especially those that are produced in massive quantities.

By now, most people know that any kind of disposable vaporizer (such as our Cartridges and Disposables) will occasionally come off the manufacturing line defective. The same is true of multiple-use vaporizers manufactured by companies like Boundless Tech. While we have no means of preventing this, we can certainly help those who experience issues with their hardware.

The Herbal Pharm RX maintains the following policies for the products listed on our website and any products purchased from our partners in retail:

Disposables and Cartridges

If your Herbal Pharm RX Cartridge or Disposable is not functioning properly, please email a short video showing its defects to [email protected] for our review. We will reach out to arrange the delivery of a replacement and provide instructions for returning the defective product (if applicable).

Boundless Tech Terp Pen, Terp Pen XL and Replacement Coils

Though we cannot offer refunds, exchanges or replacements for Terp Pen, Terp Pen XL and associated accessories with manufacturer’s defects, Boundless Tech offers 3 year manufacturer’s warranties on their vaporizers, as well as limited warranties on their products’ batteries and coils. We would be happy to provide additional proof of purchase to any customers who purchased a defective Boundless Tech product from our website so they can file a warranty claim. You can read more about their policies and start the process for filing a warranty claim here.

(Please note: we cannot provide any proof of purchase to anyone who bought their defective Boundless Tech product(s) anywhere else. If you did not buy your product on this website, please contact the business that originally sold you a defective product.)

Billionaire Hemp Wraps

We cannot offer returns, refunds or exchanges for Billionaire Hemp Wraps. Any questions, comments or concerns about your Billionaire Hemp Wraps can be fielded here.

Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, Concentrates (Dabs, Crystals, Isolate Powder), Hemp Flower, Etc.

We cannot return, refund or exchange any Herbal Pharm RX CBD, CBG or Delta 8 products at this time.